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What is the study?

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What is involved?

Everyone who is eligible for the research will:

  • participate in a brief phone screening
  • receive a detailed specialist assessment in your own home
  • keep a calendar for 12 months, primarily to keep track of any falls you have. These will be returned to the research team each month via pre-paid envelopes or via an online survey
  • receive another specialist assessment 6 months and then 12 months after your first assessment.

After the assessment half of the participants will be assigned to a “control group” the other half to an “intervention group”. You will know which group you are in.

The control group will receive health and medical care as usually provided to them by their health care practitioners.

The experimental (or intervention) group will receive a tailored occupational therapy and physiotherapy intervention which includes 10 home visits and two follow up phone calls. The visits will focus on home and community based exercise, based on the LIFE (Lifestyle Integrated Functional Exercise) program alongside safety training and community participation. All activities will be part of your daily routine so you do not need to allocate extra time to exercise. The whole program will take place over a six month period.

Who are the therapists?

We have recruited experienced occupational therapists and physiotherapists for the study. They have been specially trained for the project and will conduct the assessments and deliver the intervention. They will be supported by the study team throughout the trial. All research staff are trained in COVIDsafe protocols and the study is delivered in accordance with Health Guidelines related to COVID-19. 


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